Dualtron STORM Limited (84V, 45Ah)


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Dualtron STORM Limited

The limited version of the Dualtron STORM electric scooter comes with peak power of 11500W and a fixed battery of 84V / 45Ah

  • The quality of this model, like all the products of the company Minimotors, raises no complaints.
  • This Dualtron STORM Limited promises to live up any expectations.
  • Powerful, stylish, stable, equipped with various systems that improve its performance along with the new innovation by Minimotors that makes the STORM scooter waterproof.

Faster and technology advanced.

Dualtron STORM: smooth powerful design

  • The new Dualtron STORM is one of the most powerful and fast electric scooters on the market.
  • Its performance is getting closer to a motorcycle.
  • Like all Dualtron models, STORM Limited is equipped with two engines of an outstanding total of 11.500W power, which allows you to drive up to 120 km/h.

Dualtron STORM:  Range

  • The Dualtron STORM Limited, comes with an enormous fixed battery of 84V, 45AH.
  • Able to travel up to 220km on a single charge. (eco mode)

Dualtron STORM Limited: Innovations

The new STORM Limited electric scooter from Minimotors has several improvements on multiple points:

  • Light mount is standard
  • Fast Charger is standard (95.4V, 4A)
  • Safety damper is standard
  • Fingerprint is standard
  • Complete light system (Arms, Steering tube, stem headset, side cover, frame, tail light, brake light, warning light)
  • Horn: Hidden horn built-in
  • 45-step adjustable new rubber suspension (9 step variable suspension system + 5 kinds of rubber cartridge replaceable design)
  • Hydraulic brakes +160mm disk
  • RSC 12inch ultra-wide tubeless tire, RUN-FLAT technology
  • Waterproof controller
  • Reinforced double clamp design


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