Dualtron VICTOR (60V, 30Ah)


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Dualtron VICTOR of Minimotors

After the Dualtron ULTRA II and STORM, 2021 marks the arrival of a total new e-scooter by Minimotors, the Dualtron VICTOR electric scooter.

Its innovative peculiarities and extraordinary performances will undoubtedly seduce you.


  • It has the lines that characterize the brand.
  • It is a compact yet powerful e-scooter, so it is less bulky than its predecessors.
  • The tough aluminum alloy frame like all Dualtron scooters ensures robustness and resistance.

The main features that allow the new Dualtron VICTOR electric scooter to achieve incredible feats are:

  • New more powerful Controller 30A.
  • Two powerful brushless motors each developing power of 2000W for a total of 4000W, you can drive to a speed of over 80km/h.
  • The power of its engines allows you to climb slopes at 70% without having to put your foot to work
  • It comes with a battery of 60V30Ah LG, allowing it to have a range of up to 100 km/h.
  • 10 x 3 inch tube tires
  • New ZOOM hydraulic brakes in front and rear.
  • New Super-soft variable suspension front and rear with 9 steps and replaceable rubber cartridge.
  • Double QR Slider (more steady steering tube)

Dualtron Compact Scooter: For whom and for what purpose?

  • This Dualtron VICTOR scooter has the advantage of being adapted to most urban sliders.
  • It will support a load of 120 kg.
  • Ideal for work, school, or the street bakery, the Dualtron VICTOR electric scooter accompanies you on a daily basis. Its use is recommended in an urban environment although it resists without problems to disturbed damaged soil.


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