Speedway Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah) 30 km/h max Ταχύτητα και 30km Αυτονομία


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Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah)

The Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah) electric scooter is the newest version of the Speedway series. This Mini 4 Pro Lite version comes with all the essential features of a Speedway Mini 4 Pro Lite with a 36V 10Ah battery at a top speed of 30 km / h.

Speedway mini 4 pro lite: Design and design


  • At a glance, nothing is out of the ordinary with the Speedway Mini 4 Pro Lite electric scooter.

Where it is distinguished by cons, it is with:

  • Its slightly wider platform that gives this scooter a more imposing air,
  • A small digital LCD screen and control buttons placed on the right side of the handlebars.
  • A crutch for parking,

Speedway mini 4 pro Lite: outstanding performance

  • Equipped with a 400 W engine, you would not expect the performance of the Minimotors Speedway Mini 4 Pro Lite, especially compared to other scooters of the same category on the market.
  • Indeed, this engine delivers a maximum speed of 30 km / h.
  • Three-speed levels are selectable (10, 20 and 30 km / h) to adapt the speed to your needs.
  • This model is also equipped with a 36V lithium battery for 10Ah, producing an autonomy of 30 kilometers (can even exceed with a full charge).
  • It’s really bluffing! The power delivered by this car gives you enough traction to climb slopes with a slope of 27%.

Speedway mini 4 pro Lite: a comfortable scooter

  • Once you’re in possession of the MiniMotors Speedway Mini 4 Pro Lite, you’ll probably enjoy the large, comfortable scooter deck, and being able to adjust the length of the column to fit your size.
  • Its two tires (one inflatable with tube and the other full rubber) have been designed to cushion shocks, and give more grip, even on wet roads. The front and rear shock absorbers make it easy to drive on a paved road and minimize vibration.

Minimotors Speedway mini 4 pro Lite: practical and handy

  • The Speedway Mini 4 Lite is a light electric scooter, very light even: it is easily transportable, thanks to its weight of just 16 kg.
  • It is also a foldable and compact electric scooter, which allows you to bring it almost everywhere.
  • It is also easy to handle thanks to its telescopic fork and its very light handlebar.
  • The Speedway Mini 4 Pro Lite can reach a top speed of 30 km / h and has a range of 30 km. The 36V 10Ah battery recharges in 4 hours (80% after 2 hours).

Speedway 4 pro mini Lite: for your safety

  • For added security, the Speedway mini 4 Pro is equipped with a double drum brake (in the rear wheel) and engine is very efficient in case of emergency and 2 LED lamps placed on each side of the board allowing you to keep good visibility in the night.


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